Travel.Sleep.Perform by nomadperformance

We will support you to perform at your very best.

Athletes, coaches and staff are often called the modern ’nomads‘. For a reason: Many location changes in short time, long distance flights to get to championships, training camps or just for private matters characterize today’s elite sports scene.

In addition to that you’ll find irregular working hours and great work loads. All of which are placing high demands on body and mind.

We’re German-based. On this website we’d like to give you a short overview in English about our services and products.

Optimum recovery.

nomadperformance is dedicated to the very critical topics of recovery. More specifically optimum sleep and and everything that supports you during travel. Our solutions are used around the globe. Our customers are:

  • National teams, elite athletes
  • Collegiate athletes and ambitious sportswomen and -men,
  • Coaches, athletic coaches, physiotherapists and supporting staff
  • People in their day-to-day life and at work

With our daily work we do our best to ensure our customers get:

  • better sleep
  • optimum energy leverls for their goals and projects
  • around the globe without jet-lag
  • their peak performance planned in situations of unusual time of competitions
  • through winterblues during the dark months of the year
  • their night shifts done with better concentration and fewer dips

Propeaq Light Glasses

The 2-in-1 tool for activation and recovery