Professional Recovery by nomadperformance

We’ll support you to perform at your very best.

Athletes, coaches and staff are called as the modern nomads for a reason: Many changes of location in short time, long distance flights to get to championships, trainings camps or just for private matters characterize today’s elite sports scene.

In addition to that you’ll find irregular working hours and great work loads. All of which are placing high demands on one own’s body and mind.

Optimum recovery.

nomadperformance has dedicated itself to the very critical topics of sleep and optimum recovery. Our solutions are used around the globe.  Our user groups mainly consists of:

  • National teams, elite athletes, but also
  • Collegiate athletes and ambitious sportswomen and men,
  • Medical Doctors and
  • People in their daily life and working life

People from all of these user groups optimize their recovery thanks to our expertise and mit unserer Expertise und our many years of experience.

With our daily work we do our best to ensure our users:

  • better sleep
  • better performance by preventing jetlag
  • peak performance in situations of unusual time of competitions
  • preventing winterblues during the darker months of the year
  • better performance for people with changing working times and night shifts


For most users, the Propeaq app is the perfect companion to correctly apply light therapy for best results.

There are athletes and teams who have complex travel schedules or need special advice. Our team of experts is there for you to develop specific itineraries for individual athletes or teams.

Upon request, we will create your plan for optimal regeneration and sleeping times for international travel and competitions. These are tailored to the specific needs of each athlete and adapted to complex training and tournament schedules.

Any questions?

If you need any further information or are interested in a co-operation, let us know.

Reach out to us via and we’ll come back to your request as soon as we can.

Yours, nomadperformance Team